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New Beginnings!

Frozenwing a posted Apr 9, 15

Here's to a fresh start on friday...

RIP Mr. Spock

Frozenwing a posted Feb 27, 15

Hadowa a He lived long and prospered.
Frozenwing a Yes, we finally decided to not be lazy and kill it.
Frozenwing a Lol ripping into Hadowa.. I love it

Kargath is Dead 1/7 Mythic

Hadowa a posted Jan 17, 15
We are the champions of the arena. Sorry Dylex- Love, Sym.

Hadowa a Everyone's a critic. If you don't like the jokes hoot feel free to step up and give me a "hand" coming up with ...
Symphonia a Or I'll fist you.

Merry Christmas all..

Frozenwing a posted Dec 21, 14
Have a Merry Christmas to all in the Durotan-Ysera Universe and all the members of <Chimera> Both past and present 
Hadowa a you too frozen