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Pushing through heroic easily enough... Recruiting Quality players.. Apply online or find us in game! 

After taking some well deserved time off due to holidays etc.. We are back at it this friday! Cenarius and Xavius go down like a sack of bricks and we prepare for nighthold!  Still Recruiting Ranged DPS.. Preferably a warlock, Hunter , Spriest or Ele Shaman.


Dorrai I can get us a warlock but we lose a Feral druid... ;p

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Frozenwing a posted Dec 22, 16

From my family to yours a very Merry Christmas to you all and / or (Happy Holidays) if you Do not celebrate. 

-Frozenwing <Chimera> GM


Yup!  Need some Ranged DPS!.